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Up or down. It’s up to you!

“Up or down. It’s up to you!” This is something someone said to me once, many moons ago. I did not quite understand why it upset me so much at the time. In hindsight, I know that it was because this person was commenting on the choices I was making.

This remembered conversation led me to the stairwell. This simple mechanism that enables us to go up or down is a useful means to reach different levels within a building and yet many of us see the staircase as frightening. An often lonely, dark space that evokes long forgotten dreams or childhood traumas.
This image is produced in Photoshop by layering two photos. One of a staircase going up and one down. I then played with the placing and the opacity until I achieved this fairly abstract image. My aim, to persuade the viewer to reassess their feelings and examine their environment and how they interact with it.


So what is it that draws us to dark thoughts not light, joyous ones? Why do we miss the beauty all around us and see grey? Why do we give monosyllabic responses to each other instead of a cheerful greeting and a smile?

Maybe I can make use of the dark, imposing stairwell and project love on to the situation…..

Love is literally everywhere. We choose not to see it. We choose not to feel it.

I now choose to listen to the heartbeat of the collective consciousness of the people around me.

Drumbeats of the Earth.

I’m choosing to listen. To feel. To see. Are you?

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