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Projected Reality

Whilst in Ullapool I took two photographs of a lane leading from the harbour into the housing behind the retail outlets: one photograph looking up into a seemingly empty world with the sky and the buildings merging at the point of infinity, and the other looking down towards the harbour where the point of infinity is more interesting, nestled in the hills of the surrounding landscape.

Lane downLane up

I wondered if by sitting the images side by side, it would change my perception of the space. I found that by doing this, I felt more positive about looking down the lane as opposed to looking up. I could see more colour looking down and seeing the hills in the background and the Atlantic before them made it feel that it lead somewhere. I did not mind heading towards the horizon and effectively, the unknown. The image of the lane going up left me feeling that there was a barrier to me walking into the lane let alone up it. It was a dead end. Nothing compelled me to investigate it as an avenue of interest or a means of advancing on where I wanted to go.

Thinking about how I would like to develop my final pieces for Digital Media is changing. Initially my thoughts had been to use scanned images and weave a narrative around them, adding audio and using software to produce a moving image. Now, I feel that this could be achieved more effectively by using a mix of still image, video footage and audio allowing me to play with altered perceptions of time and space and encouraging the viewer to look more closely at how they can keep moving towards the points of interest and examining more closely the relationship between how we feel about realty and where the anomalies are in our thinking processes. Can we project the reality we want into the spaces we inhabit to enable us to remain positive even in the light of perceived barriers just by changing the words we use or the images we project?

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